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Power Abuse

When Democratically elected governments abuse the powers to scuttle people's voice, how do people support such a move? What motivates them to support such excesses by the government? Recent dialogues among several circles has given me some insights. One common feature i see in people who support, is that all of them at some level are abusers of power, whether it be in their families, communities, professions or public offices. Once you are used to abusing power at a small level, you are awestruck when it is done at a bigger level, the act of abuse, both validates and strengthens your weakness.



Buddha Poornima Meditations, 2015

"May kindly spirits bring the rains on time, For harvests to be rich and plentiful. May princes rule according to the Dharma; May the world be blessed with all prosperity. May medicines be full of strength; May secret words of power be chanted with success. May spirits o the air that feed on flesh Be kind, their minds imbued with pity. May beings never suffer anguish Let them not be sick nor evilly behave. May they have no fear, nor suffer insults. Always may their minds be free from sorrow. In monasteries, temples, and the like, May reading and reciting widely flourish. May harmony prevail among the Sangha; May its purposes be all fulfilled. ... May those who break their discipline repent, And always may they strive to cleanse away their faults, And thus may they acquire a fortunate rebirth, Wherein to practice stainless discipline. May wise and learned being be revered, And always be sustained by alms. May they be pure in mind, And may their fame spread far and wi